Content Guidelines

AUTV is looking for great content; still or moving images that exhibit strong creative flair, originality and technical excellence; material that showcases the high-quality work being produced by the staff, students and associates of the University.

You may submit work to be considered for inclusion on the AUTV video walls by following the instructions on the submit page.

Material submitted to AUTV will be assessed for suitability by the AUTV Content Manager and an expert panel from within the university. Still images will be incorporated into a “slide show” style presentation that will include your name, the title of the work, your course details and any other relevant information along with the images. Moving images will be run full-screen and preceded with  your name, the title of the work, your course details and any other relevant information along with a thumbnail excerpt from the material as in this example:

AUTV display example

In general we will use the styles of presentation outlined above, but if, for some reason, you do not want your work displayed in this manner, please indicate this in the additional comments that accompany your file when you upload it and we can discuss your requirements.

The location of the AUTV video walls is such that any material displayed is legally deemed to be a public use, therefore we cannot show any material that can reasonably be described as offensive. This includes material of a sexually explicit nature, material containing offensive language or graphic violence. It may be possible to edit your work in such a way as to avoid these issues - if you would like to submit your work but are unsure about how these criteria might apply to your material you can contact us at this address:

The AUTV video walls are located in public spaces frequently used by students for study. Therefore, to minimize disruption, the majority of the work featured on AUTV will be screened with the audio track muted. Although restrictive, this does not entirely rule out the display of material with an audio requirement, as we do have the ability to program these works on specific screens (for example the 3 x 3 video wall in the mini-forum area of level four) at specific times of the day and thus minimize any disruption to study.

Some material will still be visually engaging without an audio component and for other material the audio component will be absolutely necessary. Many contributors are happy for their work to be displayed without an audio track – it is a personal choice. If you feel it is necessary that the audio track be enabled on your material please let us know when you submit your work.

Still images can only be submitted as .jpg files and moving images need to be encoded using the H.264 codec but can then be submitted as either .mp4 or .mov file types. The maximum file size for submitting files via the AUTV website is 2Gb – if your file exceeds this size, contact us at this address: and we can discuss alternative means of transferring your files.

Copyright considerations and permission for the work to be shown are the responsibility of the submitter. Any material submitted must be free of copyright restrictions. The submitter will be held responsible for making sure that none of the material (including material on soundtracks, even if assumed it will not be played) legally belongs to another person.

If there is a specific time consideration applicable to your material, sufficient time must be allowed for the submission and selection process. It is not the responsibility of the Content Manager to work to any deadlines for screening unless this has been agreed prior to the submission of the work. A work may be rejected if there is no opportunity for screening it due to the time specific nature of the work.

As a general rule AUTV requires high production standards in the material it displays however, as work will be assessed mainly on it’s originality and creativity we urge you to submit your work for consideration even if it is not technically “perfect”. (for example shakey mobile phone camera footage or digital glitches can be used intentionally to great effect ).

Examples of recently screened work can be seen on the AUTV website homepage

If you need more information, please contact AUTV: