Where is AUTV shown?

AUTV is screened on the 3 video walls in Sir Paul Reeves Building, City Campus, AUT University, situated on the corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland CBD. AUTV content can also be viewed 24/7 on the accompanying AUTV website,www.autv.ac.nz

How big are the video walls?

The large video wall in the main forum area features sixteen Samsung 55” LED LCD video wall displays and measures 5.46m wide x 3.39m high. There are two further video walls in the mini-forum and on the bridge in the main forum. Each features nine Samsung 40” LCD  displays and measures 2.74m wide x 1.58m high.

Who decides what will be shown on AUTV?

All submitted content is reviewed by the AUTV Content Manager, with assistance from an AUT staff review panel.

Who can submit work?

AUT students, staff, alumni and University Associates can all submit their work for screening on AUTV.

How do I get my work on AUTV?

Work can be submitted via the instructions on the submit page

If my work is accepted, when will it be shown?

You could expect to see you work showing within a few weeks of submission unless there are calendar restraints (e.g. Faculty end of year shows)

Will I get paid if my work is shown on AUTV?


Can I get a reference for my CV if my work is shown?

Yes, email AUTV at autv@aut.ac.nz

Will my work also be shown on the AUTV website?

You decide! If your work is suitable and you are happy to see it on the website, tick ‘YES’ on the online submission form when you upload your work.

Can I change my mind and ask for my work to be taken down?

Yes, email autv@aut.ac.nz to request your work be removed.

Will AUTV be shown in the other AUT buildings and at the other campuses in the future?

Yes, that is the plan!

What if I want to comment about something being shown on AUTV? Who can I contact?

email autv@aut.ac.nz

Can I promote my event on the video walls?

The video walls are designed for the screening of AUTV content only. If you wish to promote an event at AUT, please contactJeremy Raine

Where can I show student notices?

Please contactJeremy Rainefor information about student notice displays

What about sound?

Sound is available but restricted to certain screens and times of the day. Please read thecontent guidelines

What about copyright law?

Work must be free of copyright restrictions. Please read thecontent guidelines. Copyright clearance is the submitter’s responsibility.